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Spotify Music v8.4.50.630 Beta MOD Apk [Premium] – LTN

Discussion in 'Modded Apps' started by Praise, May 11, 2018.

  1. Praise

    Praise Anonymous Established


    Spotify – one of the lucky ones who probably needs no introduction. But if you do not know, explain that this is a great service that allows you to listen to music with virtually no restrictions, choosing your favorite song from a truly limitless database.

    The principle of operation is similar to its competitors: you choose your favorite genres and artists, then Spotify will pick you the right playlists and offer new items that might interest you. System dizlaykov likes and you can adjust their preferences and, accordingly, the service recommendation. But what distinguishes Spotify – his collections are made not only in terms of genres and “similarity” There are artists and theme, for example, for roads, training, tools, and so on.

    There is also good news for those who wish to listen to music . without reference to the internet Any playlists and collections can be saved for offline listening.

    for maximum convenience to the application supplied widget player.


    We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on.


    Direct Download Link
    Unlocked Spotify Connect
    Visual ads blocked
    Audio ads blocked
    Seeking enabled
    unlimited shuffle
    Choose any song
    Repeats enabled
    Spotify Music v8.4.50.630 Beta MOD Apk
    Google Playstore Link
    Spotify Music - Apps on Google Play
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  3. Taryor

    Taryor Participant

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