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Hot New Setting To Rock Back Your Glo Unlimited Free Browsing With Anonytun Vpn

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Tweaks' started by Jams, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Here is a sad news rounding up with good news this time around.

    Glo have been trying to blocked this Glo cheat that have save many bucks of data from Nigeria. This afternoon, the new glo host You must be registered to see links which was recently rocking after they decided to block redirect.glo.com. But unfortunately this afternoon, all of a sudden it wasn't going like it used to and I decided to run a check up and came up with this new blazing host.

    This host was derived from You must be registered to see links and it is working perfectly on Anonytun and other vpn tunneler respectively.

    So for those finding it hard to configure theirs here is a configuration settings as well as screenshot guide to set up your anonytun and rock it back.

    New Settings For Glo Unlimited Free Browsing With Anonytun
    >>Launch your anonytun, and the use the following configuration :
    >>Protocol => Http
    >>Port=> 8081 or 9201

    >>The click on the custom edit and set it up as follows :
    >>Url/host=> ffff.aaaa.bbbb.qqqq.eeee.tttt
    >>Request method => Get or Post
    Tick User-Agent as well as Keep-Alive.

    Then click on the generate button to generate the payload and then save it. Go back to your anonytun and hit the connect button and start blazing it back.

    If yours is still not working feel free to drop your complaint and we would be glad to help you out.

    Don't forget to like, share and comment if yours is perfectly working. :l:
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2017
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  3. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp School Master (HOD) Glaive Established

    Let me test it
    Jams likes this.
  4. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Ok waiting patiently for your reply :rolleyes:
  5. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp School Master (HOD) Glaive Established

    nothing yet...
    Jams likes this.
  6. saeedu

    saeedu Teams

    Is not working for me pls
    Jams likes this.
  7. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Ok use port 7254
  8. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp School Master (HOD) Glaive Established

    it's working jare
    @Jams.... You are leader
    The Teams are Loyal
    Jams likes this.
  9. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp School Master (HOD) Glaive Established

    If you are yet to comment here, u r ungrateful...
    Jams likes this.
  10. kay odun

    kay odun Teams

    not working here pls
    Jams likes this.
  11. It connected o after using up to 95mb it stop n refuse connect I don't know y o
    Jams likes this.
  12. Haxor kham

    Haxor kham Teams

    It working fine and perfect

    Attached Files:

    Jams likes this.
  13. Please send us the app link with settings please mine stopped working just now seems it has been blocked again,help us
    Jams likes this.
  14. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Use this new host, working perfectly now with it
    Url/host=> ffff.aaaa.bbbb.qqqq.eeee.tttt
  15. Sukkysounds

    Sukkysounds Teams

    it's not working for me it just says connection timeout
    Jams likes this.
  16. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Ok then make use of this one below
  17. Sukkysounds

    Sukkysounds Teams

    this time it just goes to reconnect immediately after I press the connect buttom
    Jams likes this.
  18. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    After inputing the host make sure you generate the host before saving it or otherwise it won't work.
  19. lich-man

    lich-man Teams

    Wish u have a configuration for globe.
    Jams likes this.
  20. Masters

    Masters Teams

    Have any settings for digicel jamaica
  21. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Ok, if there's any, I will surely notify you
    lich-man likes this.
  22. Rocco

    Rocco Teams

    thanks for this trick, feedback later
  23. Jcbayuga

    Jcbayuga Teams

  24. Bravo big man. Its time to get back our money. These network provides they have eaten our to much.
  25. Kclubz

    Kclubz Journeyman Established

    Bros me no understand your motive for posting In this old forgotten thread
  26. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Lol..... It is no more working.....!!
  27. Ernestto

    Ernestto Wavy

    Lol. The guy just return from sambisa forest