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Neil Young's huge online music archive opensto the public

Discussion in 'Music' started by Nathan, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Nathan

    Nathan Glaive Glaive

    Neil Young has been talking up his giant online archive for
    ages, but he's finally ready to deliver on his promises. The
    veteran Canadian rocker has launched the simply-titled Neil
    Young Archives, a website that includes all the media he has
    produced to date. And we do mean everything -- every song
    Young has made is available to stream for free (until June 30th
    2018) through his Xstream Music service, including unrelease tracks.

    Young naturally makes a big deal out of the audio quality,
    which improves the stronger your connection gets. He even
    devotes his introductory message to a long diatribe about
    Apple's music quality choices on top of explaining how the
    archive works. Young would prefer that you listen on a
    computer, and even has a guide to help set up access on your home stereo.

    Overkill? You bet. And ultimately, it's serving as a sales pitch
    for Xstream. However, it's still miles above the typical musicia
    page offering the occasional freebie and a few music videos.
    This is an insight into Young's entire history as an artist, not
    just a promotion for his latest album.
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