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Cracked Latest 9mobile Youtube Unlimited Free browsing With HTTP injector

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Tweaks' started by Jams, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Xup guys, I am happy to published this new discovery to you guys. Thou this was among my list of upcoming cheat which I was intending to published last year but it was unfortunate that I got my phone stolen from then even was hoping to work on daemon tunnel during that time with my Teams group. And also all thanks to one my friend @ezehil for updating his blog with the YouTube plan and gave me a clue on it. Thanks to him.

    But Alhamdullilahi, thank God that the opportunity now shows up today for updating you guys on it.

    Well I have kept you guys in anticipation for this unlimited hourly youtube plan which I powered it up with HTTP injector and it is working 100% without any glitches.

    So before we proceed, note that this plan doesn't come in for free as it requires you to subscribe to 9mobile youtube hourly package.

    How To Subscribe To 9mobile Youtube Package

    => Make sure you've N500 or not less than that.
    => Then, dial *253*1#
    You will now received a successful message about your YouTube plan just like in this screenshot below.


    Notice :
    The first one is only mean that you will able to use YouTube for a period of 3hour and when that time elapsed then you still have additional 1GB night browsing + free access to youtube which can be use to browse and download using the setting am about to post.

    The second message about free streaming from 1am to 5am is meant for 3days. So within that time interval you will be able to browse and download at the specified time rate with this ehi file I made or the one with anonytun which I will puplished in this thread.

    How To Use Your YouTube Hourly Plan Unlimited On Http Injector

    =>Download HTTP injector on playstore or any other available sources

    =>Download this ehi file below emoji_point_down

    You must be registered to see links

    =>So after that, launch your HTTP injector, then import it successfully.

    Then hit the connect button, it will connect instantly without issue.

    Feature Of This Ehi File
    =>Fast YouTube Streaming with 720p without bug.

    => Good for downloading file

    => Unlimited Download (no capped) as far as you follow the instruction in this thread muscle.emoji

    I used it to download one of the latest game which is Shadowgun legend as illustrated in the screenshot below.

    How To Use It with Anonytun

    Remember, we have an alternative host we use which made it extremely fast and won't be disclose to Teams member but only established members of LTN to make it more on a safer side to prevent ISP blockagenerd.emoji

    1. Download anonytun apk
    2. Launch and enable (stealth settings)
    3. Connection Protocol : HTTP
    4. Connection port : 443/9201/8081
    5. Now click on (edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers)
    Url Host :

    Strictly For Established Members! => Request Method : POST
    => Injection method : Normal
    Extra Headers, tick only ;
    Keep-Alive, Online Host and user agent.

    That's all then connect your anonytun. It will connect instantly within some sec.

    So that's all for now guys, LTN ALL THE WAY . So don't forget to hit the likeemoji_thumbsup button guys and comment if yours is working perfectly or you're having an issue with it and we will be glad to hear you out nerd.emoji. :l::l::l:

    If you guys are familiar with the King of free net tunneler develop by John Vincent himself the developer of Psiphon known as Dzebb handler.

    Then we're glad to announce to you that we were able to hack without purchasing the apk it as this is what others developers have failed to and this is one of the main achievements of LTN and the idea was dispatch by one of our notable members @Reumat

    Join our Telegram group through the link below emoji_point_down
    You must be registered to see links
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2018
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  3. Praise

    Praise Anonymous Established

    Nice update bro testing things on point
    Jams likes this.
  4. Phamstrong

    Phamstrong Participant Established

    nice update boss. Thumbs up
  5. MBK

    MBK Enthusiast Established

    Good more grease to ur elbow [ooooo]
  6. Dark matter

    Dark matter Hack Freak Hack Freak Established

    Now that's a goal!!! :yum

    .............. Great work man
    Jams likes this.
  7. toheeb2452

    toheeb2452 Enthusiast Established

    Gud work boss testing mod ........
    Jams likes this.
  8. Paul_Inz

    Paul_Inz Teams Established

    Great work bro,
    Jams likes this.
  9. mukhtar

    mukhtar Wavy Established

    wow.. nice one
    Jams likes this.
  10. iSims

    iSims Teams

    Telegram link isn't working
    Jams likes this.
  11. Barnabas

    Barnabas Teams Established

    tanks bruh pls is it all unlimited
    Jams likes this.
  12. Jake10

    Jake10 Journeyman Established

    Buh is it unlimited in downloading with that estimate 3hours time I just don't understand
  13. abufalalu2

    abufalalu2 Teams

    @Jams pls help me with ehi file
    for mtn night browsing
    Jams likes this.
  14. Jaysay

    Jaysay Teams

    @Jams mine isn't unlimited, it stops browsing after using close to 3gb
    Jams likes this.
  15. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

  16. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    It is 100% unlimited my brother unless you ran out of time, I mean the allocated 3hour given to you.
  17. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    It is 100% unlimited my brother unless you ran out of time, I mean the allocated 3hour given to you.
  18. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Yes exactly using the ehi file I provided you with.
  19. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    It is working perfectly sir, and please can you provide me with a screenshot of the error
  20. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Thanks buddy nerd.emojiemoji_thumbsup
    Dark matter likes this.
  21. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Thanks guys, enjoy emoji_thumbsup
    Bartels likes this.
  22. Jaysay

    Jaysay Teams

    Then I don't know what I'm doing wrong, cos I still have 156 more mins for streaming but the http injector doesn't connect again, it's just writing ECONNRESET (connection reset by peer)
  23. Jake10

    Jake10 Journeyman Established

    First of ain't unlimited mine stopped at 1.36gb my streaming balance still remain 158mins left, the Http Injector ain't connecting any more saying can't connect to host please kinda don't know what's going on whether you're telling us everything needa to know bout this......... cos there's nothing better than been truthful, I don't know whether the Ehi File has expire or not has done everything perfectly still yet ain't unlimited and Http injector ain't connecting any more...........Take Care!
    Jams likes this.
  24. abdulwadud

    abdulwadud Teams

    Pls I can't seem to download from d site pls I need another link
  25. Dark matter

    Dark matter Hack Freak Hack Freak Established

    If http injector is no longer working for you, then try using AnonyTun
    Jams likes this.
  26. Jake10

    Jake10 Journeyman Established

    You're correct buh if I had the URL Host settings for AnonyTun will I be complaining bout Http Injector EHi File that's because I don't have it..... please help!
    Jams likes this.
  27. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Use myaccounts.google.com as Host on anonytun thou not the new host but this one is working perfectly m
    Dark matter likes this.