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How To Get Free 100mb From MTN! | Get In Here

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Tweaks' started by Jams, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Hello the great people of LTN.....nerd.emoji

    Here's the current news circulating online which I found legit and perfectly working but not really meant for all..

    So currently, mtn network are given 100mb worth of free data to their users by just dialing this code below..

    Dial *559*4#

    But remember it is not working for all because I did with two of my mtn sim and one got lucky to be given..

    But there's really no harm in trying it out and you may likely be given also.


    Don't forget to hit the like button and share your experience with us if it is for you or not.. emoji_thumbsup
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  3. Dark matter

    Dark matter Hack Freak Hack Freak Established

    Yeah it's currently working, a friend got one

    Nice share bro
    Jams likes this.
  4. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Good to hear that.

    You're welcome brother emoji_thumbsup
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  5. Xexi Adson

    Xexi Adson Enthusiast Established

    There is no harm in trying
    Jams likes this.
  6. @kings

    @kings Enthusiast

    didn't get but know pple that got thanks jams
    Dark matter and Jams like this.
  7. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Don't really get your statement @Xexi Adson
  8. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    You're welcome the @@kings only king of
  9. Tochukwu

    Tochukwu Teams

    It's for
    Old Sims I got my as a text msg
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