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Glo Has Reviewed And Reduces Its 2018 Data Plans – See New Data Plans And Prices

Discussion in 'Mobile Network & Free Browsing Cracking Question' started by Handasonic, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. Handasonic

    Handasonic Enthusiast

    Glo the so called Grandmaster of data has fallen. As they were interested in acquiring 9mobile but things went wrong, which lead to Globacom complaining about their company’s health status.

    Due to failure to renew their debt. This led to reducing of their data plans. According to what we seeing currently, Glo data Plans is now costly and am sure not everybody can afford it anymore.

    Before now we use to enjoy 4GB For N1000 and 9.5GB For N2000 but after the review N1000 now gives you just 1.6GB and 2GB for auto renewal, As for N2000 it gives you just 3.65GB and 4.5GB for Auto-renewal. imagine the 4GB is now for N2000. even with Glo Poor network they still reduces their data plan as well. below is the list of the new data plans.

    • N25 for 10MB, renewal is 12.5MB
    • N50 for 22MB, renewal is 27.5MB
    • N100 for 80MB, renewal is 100MB
    • N200 for 210MB, renewal is 262MB
    • N500 for 800MB, renewal is 1GB
    • N1,000 for 1.6GB, renewal is 2GB
    • N2,000 for 3.65GB, renewal is 4.5GB
    • N2,500 for 5.75GB, renewal is 7.2GB
    • N3,000 for 7GB, renewal is 8.75GB
    • N4,000 for 10GB, renewal is 12.5GB
    • N5,000 for 12.5GB, renewal is 15.6GB
    • N8,000 for 20GB, renewal is 25GB
    • N10,000 for 26GB, renewal is 32.5GB
    • N15,000 for 42GB, renewal is 52.5GB
    • N18,000 for 50GB, renewal is 62.5GB
    • N20,000 for 63GB, renewal is 78.75GB
    This newly data plan is heart breaking and discouraging at the same time. who knows maybe is because of the debt Glo is unable to settle led to increase in data prices.
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  3. dogud

    dogud Anonymous Established

    thank for the update
    Handasonic likes this.
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  4. Handasonic

    Handasonic Enthusiast

    Your welcome
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  5. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Glo have ended up disappointing our hope and trust on them.
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  6. Kclubz

    Kclubz Journeyman Established

    they are on a long thin!
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  7. Xexi Adson

    Xexi Adson Enthusiast Established

    Glo really fuck up
    Handasonic likes this.
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  8. Handasonic

    Handasonic Enthusiast

    Do. You think they will increase it again
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  9. Jude obi

    Jude obi Anonymous Established

    They should pls return it back to the previous package so as to serve us we student
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