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Android Application Download SlowDNS Apk For Nigeria

Discussion in 'Android Application' started by Jams, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Hello guys, like we promised you guys to unleash the supported version of Slow Dns together with working IP.

    All thank to sir @gabriel222 who draw my attention to this issue of SlowDns as well as other established members who were requesting for the ip to use and how to make the app available in Nigeria.

    Now the opportunity has shown up today and am glad for it. Having said this, let's take a look at the the features of SlowDns based on my understanding of what this app function for.

    =>Slowdns has the name implies has a very slow connection and won't advise you to try using it with 3G because you will end up frustrating yourself at the end of the day

    So it is best and works perfectly using 4G with a minimum speed of 400kb/sec or even higher.

    =>Slowdns is using DNS protocol to send and receive data packet freely and that is used for free browsing provided you have the right dns of your ISP IP at hand.

    Dns protocol is not usually blocked by ISP because it play a major role on their network, or to be frank can't easily be blocked.

    And that is the reason why our ISP has blocked those vpn in Nigeria but with this crack version, you're good to go.

    => Slowdns has data capped limit of 25mb but can't say precisely cause it been a while I used but it is capped anyway. And in order to have unlimited bandwidth then you must upgrade to their premium plan.

    So that's is all you need to know about slowdns.

    Now to download the app, click on the link below

    You must be registered to see links

    So are you worry about IP to get and use it to browse :pensive:, well worry no more because LTN always got your back.

    Meant for established only.!!!

    Check below for MTN DNS IP,

    Strictly For Established Members!
    Use the DNS below. Other ISP DNS IP will be updated also. emoji_thumbsup

    Remember, I personally am not using it because it only authenticate but won't connect. That is why I said earlier your need a good 4G network because unfortunately for me no 4G where I reside even all those smile, switch and Co 4g network am yet to enjoy them :sob:

    That's why I haven't made post about neither did we crack free net on those network also. Thou there's currently an unlimited free browsing on smile network. The initiator of this free net is the one and only @Reumat one of our Cracker on LTN.

    So don't forget to hit the like button and comment to feedback us of your experience with it so far. ()(-)

    Join our telegram group through the link below
    You must be registered to see links
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
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  3. gabriel222

    gabriel222 Enthusiast Established

    bross ya download link is not working
    Jams likes this.
  4. gabriel222

    gabriel222 Enthusiast Established

    abeg jams check it well and oga boss have been posting new update yet no establishment badge oooh anyway na u b boss
    Jams likes this.
  5. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Already fixed sir. Thanks for notifying me.
  6. mukhtar

    mukhtar Wavy Established

    No download link
  7. Praise

    Praise Anonymous Established

    I sight ip for mtn
  8. Praise

    Praise Anonymous Established

    Thanks for the update bro
  9. Ossce2012

    Ossce2012 Teams

    How I for get the IP
  10. gabriel222

    gabriel222 Enthusiast Established

    i believe ur package die @Jams oga boss more wicked update coming soon
    Jams likes this.
  11. Praise

    Praise Anonymous Established

    By becoming established
  12. gabriel222

    gabriel222 Enthusiast Established

    oga boss @Jams my aim is to that glaive or wavy level badge level and i will reach there
    Jams likes this.
  13. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Lol, hope to see you there :yum
  14. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Wow, can't wait for it sir[ooooo]
  15. D-Expendable

    D-Expendable Enthusiast Established

    Great 1 @Jams
    more grace
  16. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp School Master (HOD) Glaive Established

  17. gabriel222

    gabriel222 Enthusiast Established

    but how can one get free dns ip address
  18. pls I can i get ip
  19. MBK

    MBK Enthusiast Established

    Up LTN
  20. Jake10

    Jake10 Journeyman Established

    Still confused bout Premium account upgrade stuff
  21. Kingtedy

    Kingtedy Teams

  22. prophet

    prophet Journeyman Established

    my is not working any help
  23. Dark matter

    Dark matter Hack Freak Hack Freak Established

    Nice work bro
  24. Tabjib

    Tabjib Teams

  25. FoxFi

    FoxFi Anonymous Established

    Wavy level
  26. Jude obi

    Jude obi Anonymous Established

    Great job boss!
  27. kick3

    kick3 Teams

    You guys might not know this.
    But this strictly for established members of a th8ng is killing this forum
    Jams likes this.