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Hot 9mobile whooping offer: Get 750MB and N1000 airtime with just N200 only, and more

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Tweaks' started by gabriel222, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. gabriel222

    gabriel222 Enthusiast Established


    9mobile has started to offer a whooping offer to some of their customers in Nigeria. 9mobile whooping offer gives you 20 times X value of your recharge and also give you data.

    9mobile has started to push the message and notifications to their eligible customers (both existing and new subscribers) to activate the whooping offer.[​IMG]

    When you receive the notification message, if you recharge N100, you will get N500 airtime and 375MB data and the recharge of N200 will give you N1,000 airtime and 750MB data, and vice versa.

    You can always check your data balance by dialling *228# and check your airtime balance by dialling *232# and enjoy!
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  3. Xexi Adson

    Xexi Adson Enthusiast Established

    Nice information
  4. Praise

    Praise Anonymous Established

    Cool update
  5. obi emmanuel

    obi emmanuel Participant

    Wow.....lemme go and dust my eti den. Thanks
  6. Jude obi

    Jude obi Anonymous Established

    Thanks for this
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  7. FoxFi

    FoxFi Anonymous Established

    Nice info